Patient Distraction | Movies. Music. Meditation
Video Glasses Proven to Reduce Patient Fear and Anxiety

Gentle, drug-free patient distraction solution.
Intuitive medical device.

HappyMed Video Glasses immerse your patients in films, cartoons and concerts.
All video content is licensed, and viewers may select what they prefer to watch.
The Video Glasses were specifically developed for medical application:
– appropriate for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care
– easy to use, mobile, hygienic and simple to clean
– appropriate for all ages (4 – 100)

Cost Factors:
Stress and Anxiety

For most patients, operations mean fear, stress and anxiety.
Often, the only solution is the use of additional sedatives and analgesics.
This may result in possible complications such as postoperative delirium, and longer recovery time and hospital stays.
HappyMed Video Glasses minimise patient anxiety without the use of medication.

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