94% of Patients Would Choose HappyMed Over Sedative Medication, Demonstrate Results of Evaluation by Franziskus-Hospital Harderberg

The Franziskus-Hospital Harderberg, member of the Niels-Stensen-Kliniken, completed its evaluation of the HappyMed Video Glasses with 35 patients aged 6 to 60 years, demonstrating overwhelmingly positive results. 

The treatment range was broad, including endoprosthetics (knee, hip), osteosynthesis (foot), perirectal abscess cholecystectomy, and tonsillectomy. The Video Glasses were used before the medical procedure by 100% of patients, as well as during and after the procedures by 89% of patients.

A topic studied closely was the use of anaesthesia during the medical procedures, as well as its possible alternatives. Results showed that 78% of patients would choose regional over general anesthesia, if they could use HappyMed during their surgery. Overall, 94% of patients would choose HappyMed over sedative medication, and 60% of patients did not require any sedative medication at all while using HappyMed. Additionally, patients undergoing narcosis consumed less analgesic and narcotic medication.

Patient and medical professional well-being was another topic addressed by the research team at Franziskus-Hospital Harderberg, lead by Dennis Biesler. All doctors involved in the evaluation stated that the treatment situation was more relaxed than usual with HappyMed, and that they enjoyed working with the Video Glasses. All 35 patients stated that their procedures were less stressful and more bearable with the positive distraction device. The results were unanimous: 100% of doctors would recommend HappyMed, and 100% of patients would like to use it again.

Patients were able to take advantage of the HappyMed Extended Package, which contains +50 films in total; these include documentaries, cartoons, feature films, travel films, Golden Age Classics, and more. 89% of patients reported to have easily found a video they liked, and46% of patients stated that they felt 100% immersed and completely forgot about their surroundings. Top choices from the evaluation group included Coral Reefs, New Zealand, Thailand, and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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