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Proven to Reduce Patient Anxiety

You care about your patients’ well-being and satisfaction. So do we.


The HappyMed Video Glasses – which combine Zeiss optics with Sony surround sound headphones – offer positive distraction to anxious and fearful dental patients by showing them films, cartoons, concerts, and documentaries. Across Europe dentists are using HappyMed to increase patient
satisfaction and to reach new patients. Book your non-binding trial month today for just £99.

The Benefits of the HappyMed Video Glasses:

  • Ease patient anxiety and fear, making them calm and cooperative for their dental procedure
  • Popular supplement for longer static procedures such as laser teeth whitening
  • Are an effective way of bringing new patients to your practice
  • Can be used before, during and after any dental procedure
  • Are hygienic, easy to clean, easy to operate, and intuitive
  • Deliver high level of patient satisfaction
  • Are appropriate for all ages

Examples of Video Glasses Use in Dentistry:

prophylaxis    tooth whitening   endodontic treatment   periodontal surgery 

prosthodontics   all forms of pediatric dentistry   ✓ dental bonding   

✓  orthodontics   ✓ dental implantology   ✓ dental restoration   ✓ cosmetic dentistry

HappyMed Video Glasses in Action

Try the HappyMed Video Glasses, now exclusively for one month*, for just £99.
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