Spotlight on HappyMed in PwC Health Research Institute’s “Global Top Health Industry Issues Report 2018″​

The journey of HappyMed began in 2013, in a dentist’s office in Vienna. Philipp Albrecht (future HappyMed Founder and CEO) was forced to undergo a particularly grueling root canal treatment, during which he could only think of one thing: why isn’t there a way to block out the terrifying instruments and sounds of the machines, why isn’t there anything here to distract me from my discomfort and anxiety? The rest, as they say, is history. Joining forces with Florian Fischer, Co-Founder and CTO, they created the world’s first medically certified and licensed Video Glasses.

The concept is simple: instead of focusing on pain and fear, patients put on a pair of Video Glasses (glasses and headphone duo) and watch a film of their choice: travel documentary, nature relaxation film, cartoon, concert or Hollywood blockbuster. As they focus on the motion picture, the anxiety fades away – and with it, often, a need for sedation. Effective patient distraction aside, other delightful perks of audiovisual medicine include the potential to reduce the need for sedatives and even analgesics and to forego general anaesthesia in favour of local anaesthesia. Additionally, there is a reduced likelihood of patients developing emergence delirium, quicker recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and general hospital system optimization through increased throughput times, reduced staff workload, effective bridging of waiting times, and increased patient satisfaction. That is just to name a few.


Fast-forward five years: it’s 2018, and the topic of patient experience is at the forefront of healthcare.

PwC’s healthcare research organization, the Health Research Institute, issued its 2018 “Global Top Health Industry Issues: Defining the Healthcare of the Future” report this week. Amidst discussions about AI and personal health, there is a conversation about the patient experience, and the responsibilities of medical staff, policymakers and regulators to make it a priority. Specifically, to “make customer experience second nature for staff [and] recognise its financial and population health benefits”. Alongside advances in the British NHS, the Danish Health System, and Australia’s St John of God Health Care, HappyMed is highlighted as one of four organizations to be offering an exemplary service: immersing patients in films to reduce their anxiety before and during medical procedures, which is something that 92% of sampled patients would gladly repeat. And there we have it: the optimized patient experience.

Servicing both smaller practices and leading clinic & hospital chains in Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, HappyMed continues to grow. Its ultimate goal: to embody the patient-centred approach to modern healthcare, and to offer both patients and hospitals an alternative to excessive medication (a topic more relevant than ever amidst such concerns as the Opioid Epidemic in the United States).

Download the full 2018 “Global Top Health Industry Issues: Defining the Healthcare of the Future” report (PDF) by the PwC Health Research Institute here.

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