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HappyMed video glasses ensure faster recovery after medical interventions

Are you about to go to a clinic?

If you are about to undergo an operation or a lengthy cardiological examination and it causes you stress, then you feel like many patients. Hospital stays, operations and other medical procedures make us humans more likely to experience anxiety. We fear the before and the after. And we know: fear is a bad companion. Unfortunately, fear also has a negative impact on our vital signs (e.g. breathing, blood pressure, pulse) and these are not good framework conditions. When patients suffer from anxiety and stress, they may require additional medication and reassurance. However, more medication may mean further stress and in the worst case scenario can lead to unnecessary risks DELETE In addition, this can delay the recovery time after the procedure (postoperative recovery phase).

HappyMed Video Glasses

Reassurance with the HappyMed video glasses

The HappyMed video glasses provide reassurance and distraction before, during and after procedures. It has already been used over 150,000 times in clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The patients are enthusiastic, over 90% would opt for this again if they had another procedure Make the most of the cinema experience with HappyMed video glasses.

One patient reported: “I was extremely afraid of my surgery. However, as soon as I put on the video glasses, I was relaxed and reassured. The distraction made me completely forget about the procedure – my worries were gone. The video glasses helped me a lot. “

The positive distraction and calming of films and / or music has been scientifically proven: numerous studies confirm the effect of so-called “ audiovisual sedation ”.

In summary: Patients are less afraid, therefore better vital signs and often need less medication (sedatives and painkillers). For this reason, the HappyMed video glasses are regularly used in numerous clinics. Please ask your doctor or the nursing staff about the HappyMed video glasses!

Discover the world instead of thinking about the surgery

The film and music program in the HappyMed video glasses has a lot to offer, for globetrotters and globetrotters , for Hollywood fans and comedy lovers , for opera and culture enthusiasts and of course something for kids. Are you curious?DELETE

Before you browse through our program, you can take another look at how the HappyMed video glasses are used …

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Experience report: "I was terrified ..."

“I was terrified, especially since the operation was delayed. The thoughts only revolved around the operation, but with the HappyMed video glasses I became calmer and the fear was gone. “

Experience report : "More relaxed and calmer with HappyMed ..."

“I was totally distracted by the operation and that you can’t hear the noises from the doctors and the tools. And that you are simply more relaxed and calmer. “

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