Over 90% of patients would use HappyMed again*

The perfect solution for hospitals.


Well thought-out concept.


Brings positive distraction

and psychological well-being

to the fore.


Over 10 hours of battery life,

patient can be

addressed continuously.


Brilliant sound and picture quality, large selection of video content, adaptable for people with glasses.


Complete system disinfection possible,

ear pads interchangeable,

cleaning plan available.


Compact, mobile system,

immediately usable,

no installation work.


Innovative additional offer,

enhanced customer loyalty,

increased referral rates.

Versatile use.

Operating Theatre

Operating Theatre

for stress and anxiety reduction
before and during interventions

Recovery Room

Recovery Room

for positive distraction
after interventions in general anesthesia



during cardiac
catheter examinations



during chemotherapy and
bone marrow samples

Easy to set up.

Movies for every taste.

HappyMed is already filled with video content. Therefore, you put the system into use right away.
There is suitable video content for every taste and every treatment duration.
In addition, all videos are licensed for use in your facility – an important prerequisite in the medical environment.
The medically licensed films are specifically selected for each genre based on the current state of research.

Legally safe.

Copyright Laws Symbol Concept

Using films in hospitals constitutes a public screening with certain originators.  Extra fees are paid to obtain the usage rights for all of our video content. This process is very complex and expensive, but we at HappyMed take care of the entire content licensing process so that our clients do not have to. We pay your licensing fees directly to the film producers and distributors behind the scenes.

Indispensable for patients.

92% of patients would gladly use HappyMed again, 90% would recommend the video glasses.
After putting on the HappyMed video glasses, patients feel significantly less nervous, anxious, worried and uncomfortable, but instead feel pleasantly relaxed.*

The most comfortable solution.

HappyMed is the best available solution on the market: HappyMed was developed for use during medical procedures. The high level of detail in development guarantees maximum user comfort. The system is immediately deployable with intuitive use and has no integration obstacles – HappyMed is impressive because its an optimally-harmonized solution and is even maintenance-free.

Medical staff were happy to work with HappyMed in over 80% of cases.
Interventions with sedatives, pain or narcotic medication can be pared down by 45% with HappyMed.
In 73% of these cases, they were even able to go without medication completely.*

*  according to a survey in several clinics of a German hospital chain, n=110.

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