HappyMed Video Glasses

HappyMed Video Glasses

Complete Solution for Clinics

Positive distraction to soothe and relax your patients - before, during and after medical interventions

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Setup and use of the HappyMed video glasses

Safe for Use in the OR

HappyMed is a certified class I medical device. This enables trouble-free use in the induction room, in the operating theater or in the recovery room with other devices.

Compact & Mobile System

The HappyMed system is delivered to you in a case with video glasses , ergonomically-adapted surround sound headphones and a media center. The HappyMed system is quickly ready for use.. There is no configuration or installation required.

Easily transport the compact and mobile system from one OR to another or from one department to the next.

Film Program Has Something for Everyone

HappyMed is already filled with suitable films for all of your patients. The film program offers entertainment or relaxation for all ages – even for children. Patients can choose among feature films, comedies, documentaries, nature relaxation, classical concerts, and children’s series.

Films are stored locally on the device’s media library so HappyMed can be used without an Internet or WLAN connection.

In addition, all films are licensed for commercial use in clinics – an important legal requirement for implementation in the medical field.

Your Patients Will Thank You

92% of patients would like to use HappyMed again and 90% would recommend the video glasses to others. After putting on the HappyMed video glasses, the patients feel significantly less nervous and less anxious, and more calm and relaxed .

Medical staff enjoy working with HappyMed in more than 80% of the cases.

In 45% of interventions, the HappyMed video glasses can reduce use of sedatives, painkillers or anesthetics. In 73% of cases, medication could even be completely left out.

(Source: Survey in several clinics in a German chain of clinics (n = 110), data on file.)

Suitable for People Who Wear Glasses

Image sharpness can be set for each eye using adjustment wheels. So people with glasses can enjoy a great viewing experience as well!

Intuitive Control

The HappyMed system can be easily operated by the staff or patient with a touchscreen or remote control.

Speak to Patients at Any Time

Activate or deactivate the headphones individually to stay in good contact with the patient at all times.

Rental Model for Device and Film Licenses

HappyMed Video Glasses

The video glasses are exclusively rented. The monthly subscription cost is just €199. That includes the complete system and the film licenses.

Device purchase is unfortunately not possible. That is due to the ongoing licensing fees for the commercial use of the films and the management of the related contracts.

The economic benefit for the clinic comes from the use of more regional anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, resulting in lower medication costs, relief for the nursing staff and shorter stay in the recovery room and the clinic.

Already Used over 150,000 Times

HappyMed has been around since 2015  Used in 127 clinics in Germany (e.g. Sana, Helios, Asklepios clinics, Charité Berlin), Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland . In the meantime, the video glasses have been used over 150,000 times. Numerous medical staff and patients have already been delighted by the experience and would recommend use during medical procedures.


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