HappyMed video glasses as “digital sedatives” in Asklepios clinics

HappyMed before the operation © Asklepios Klinikum Harburg

Since 2019 , 9 Asklepios clinics (in Harburg, Birkenwerder, Lindau, Weißenfels, Langen-Seligenstadt, Schwalmstadt, Wiesbaden, Bad Tölz and the southern Palatinate clinics in Kandel and Germersheim) have been using HappyMed video glasses as a “digital sedative”.

While traditional interventions, such as being under local anesthesia or longer therapeutic interventions, results in no pain for patients, they can cause stress because patients are away of the operation and as a result, feel fearful . This can affect the medical risks and increase the need for medication. To relieve this inner tension , the Asklepios clinics rely on HappyMed video glasses . Patients can choose whether they want to be distracted by a travel documentary, a concert, or by means of relaxation videos. ; there are also special films for children.

Framework agreement with Happymed for patient welfare

The Asklepios clinics have now signed a framework agreement with HappyMed to offer this form of “digital reassurance”.

"For us, the patient's well-being comes first - and that's why we like to use innovative and convincing technologies," says Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Herborn, Medical Director of the Asklepios Clinics (CMO). "We were amazed at the immediate positive effects, as well as at the acceptance in the clinics, by employees and patients", continues Prof. Herborn. Patients breathe more slowly with glasses, their heart beats more calmly, the individual pain sensation decreases and so fewer medicinal sedatives are needed. Overall, the acceptance rate of gentler regional anesthesia instead of general anesthesia is increasing. Doctor and hospital phobias can also be positively influenced in this way. Ultimately, the use of video glasses leads to higher patient satisfaction, as the manufacturer has established.

Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Herborn
Medical Director of the Asklepios Clinics (CMO)

In October 2021, the Asklepios Gesundleben blog also reported on the HappyMed video glasses: Cinema in the head – audiovisual distraction during surgery . Less stress, less medication, no pain: video-audio glasses allow patients to forget about the upcoming surgery.

Experiences with the HappyMed video glasses

The anesthesia teams had the following experience with the daily use of HappyMed video glasses:

Video glasses helped reduce fear in patients undergoing procedures.

“It has been scientifically proven that stress, pain, and anxiety are felt more strongly when you focus on them - and this in turn affects blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate. With the new range of video glasses, we are solving this tense situation and helping the patient to experience his intervention without fear. "

Dr. Matthias Mamier
Senior Consultant at the Clinic for Anaesthesiology, Asklepios Clinic Harburg

Less sedatives and less post-operative care

“We can see that patients using the video glasses have a calmer breathing rate, lower blood pressure, and a slower heartbeat. This means that we can reduce the use of medication to immobilize the patient (sedatives) and thus also reduce the post-operative care effort. "

Dr. Harald Angerer
Head of Anaesthesiology, Asklepios Klinikum Pasewalk

"Patients who wear glasses have a balanced breathing rate, lower blood pressure, and a slower heartbeat. You are simply more relaxed and that has a positive effect on the course of the operation. Another positive effect: less medication is required and that also reduces the side effects after the operation. The glasses are also used at the request of the patient when they wake up after a general anesthetic in the recovery room from the operating room, because here too the use of video glasses helps the patient to recover. "

Dr. Fabian Heuser
Chief Physician for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Asklepios Clinic Lindau

HappyMed in action

Knee replacement driving under partial anesthesia at the Asklepios Klinik Langen

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