Reduced anxiety in 62% of patients – two evaluations in the Christophorus clinics

Thanks to video glasses, no more fear in the operating room - anesthesiological clinic successfully uses HappyMed video glasses

Dr. Ulrich Frohnhoff, specialist in anesthesiology © Christophorus Kliniken

The clinic for anesthesiology and operative intensive care medicine in the Christophorus clinics in Coesfeld provides 13 departments and 10 specialized centers with almost 10,000 outpatients and inpatients per year with all common regional and general anesthesia procedures. The focus is always on the patient as a person. Many patients have unspecific fears about an operation. It is therefore necessary to address these fears early on. The HappyMed video glasses have been firmly anchored in the repertoire of anxiety-reducing measures at the anesthesiological clinic for optimal preparation for surgery and patient reassurance during interventions since 2018.

Dr. Ulrich Frohnhoff, specialist in anesthesiology , and senior physician at the clinic for anesthesiology and intensive care medicine was able to confirm in two successive evaluations (n = 26, n = 11) that the video glasses are very well received by patients at the Christophorus clinics in Coesfeld, and could reduce their fears .

The results:

  • In 62% of the patients who complained of feelings of fear before the procedure, their fear was reduced by using the video glasses.
  • 95% of the patients would use the video glasses again for the next procedure (n = 37).
  • The selection of films and the image quality of the system were rated largely as good on a three-point scale (good – medium – bad).


  • The majority of the patients were between 60 and 80 years old.
  • Areas of application included axillary plexus blocks, sciatic nerve blocks, and spinal anesthesia

Evaluation of the HappyMed video glasses Christophorus-Kliniken GmbH Coesfeld
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