Soothe and relax patients with audiovisual sedation!

Use audiovisual distraction instead of medication-induced sedation. Minimize the risk for your patients during medical procedures and improve the overall outcome for your staff, clinic and patients. Use the HappyMed video glasses!

Soothe your patients with audiovisual sedation!

Minimize the risk for your patients during medical procedures by using less medication. The HappyMed video glasses make that possible!

HappyMed has already been used over 100,000 times in many well-known clinics.

Fear and stress can increase patient risk

Studies show that medical interventions cause anxiety and stress in many patients. Additional medication is a common response to this problem. That results in longer length of stay in the hospital, more medical complications and higher personnel costs. Audiovisual sedation is a positive, alternative solution.

Use the HappyMed video glasses to soothe your patients

HappyMed immerses your patients in another world. Travel and nature documentaries, comedies or classical concerts calm patients down and provide positive distraction. The video glasses were especially developed for application in the medical field and have been certified as class I medical devices. Easily manageable, intuitive, hygienic, mobile and ready-to-use!

HappyMed Videobrille

Watch the RTL report:
HappyMed at Asklepios Clinic Langen,
applied during a knee joint replacement with regional anesthesia

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Application in Diverse Fields


In the induction and recovery rooms for general anesthesia as well as during operations with regional anesthesia.


For percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) and electrophysiological examination of the heart (EPU).


During radiation therapy, infusion therapy as well as bone-marrow punctures.

Advantages of Audiovisual Sedation

For Patients

For Medical Staff

For Clinic Management

Watch the video: Testimonials from doctors and patients

Anesthesiologists report a calmer pulse and lower blood pressure

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